01-04/08/2016 International Conference on Computational Methods

inrialogoProject partners Michel Bergmann, Angelo Iollo and Andrea Ferrero representing INRIA and University of Bordeaux recently presented at the 7th International Conference on Computational Models (ICCM) at the University of California, Berkeley on Thursday 4th August 2016.

ICCM aims at to provide an international forum for scholars, researchers, industry practitioners, engineers, and graduate and undergraduate students to promote exchange and disseminate recent findings on both contemporary and traditional subjects in computational methods, numerical modeling and simulation, and their applications in science and engineering. It accommodates presentations on a wide range of topics to facilitate inter-disciplinary exchange of ideas in science, engineering and allied disciplines, and helps to foster collaborations. (ICCM2016 Handbook)

Their presentation was entitled, “A hybrid POD-CFD approach for gust computations” and the abstract is available for download from the official ICCM2016 website. 



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