25-28/06/2017 IFASD2017

​Consortium members had a 100% success rate with submissions to the International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics​ ​(IFASD2017)​ ​which takes place on 25-28 June 2017 in Como, Italy.

IFASD is ‘the most important event for engineers and researchers working in the fields of aeroelasticity and structural dynamics’​ ​and provides an opportunity to discuss current research and future collaborations. A total of 6 presentations from the AeroGust project will be given by our consortium members. ​​Full details of the Technical Programme are available from the​ ​IFASD2017 website. Talks directly linked to AeroGust are shown below:

Mon 26 Jun, 09:25 – 09:50 TRACK 3: Early Morning Session (High Flex 1)
PAPER 47: Uncertainty Quantification in Gust Loads Analysis of a Highly Flexible Aircraft Wing
R.G.Cook, C.J.A.Wales, A.L.Gaitonde, D.P.Jones and J.E.Cooper

Mon 26 Jun, 09:50 – 10:15 TRACK 3: Early Morning Session (High Flex 1)
PAPER 64: Towards a Non-linear Full Aircraft Model for Passenger Aircraft Loads Calculations
J.C.Farao, A.G.Malan and F.Gambioli

Mon 26 Jun, 10:15 – 10:40 TRACK 1: Early Morning Session (​CAE1 (Modelling 1)​)​
PAPER 117: A CFD Based Aeroelastic Gust model for Full Aircraft Simulation
W.Man, A.B.Mowat, A.G.Malan and J.Farao

​​Mon 26 Jun, ​11:​40 – ​12:05 TRACK ​1​: ​Late morning Session (​CAE2 (Modelling 2)​)​
PAPER ​195: ​Influence of Gust Modelling on Free-​Flight Aerofoils
R.Thormann, G.Pagliuca and S.Timme

​Tue 27 Jun, ​12:30 – ​12:55 TRACK 4​: ​Late morning Session (​DynLoads 2​)​
PAPER ​91: Comparison of different approaches for modeling of atmospheric effects like gusts and wake-vortices in the CFD code TAU
R.Heinrich and L.Reimer

​​Wed 28 Jun, ​11:40 – ​12:05 TRACK 2​: ​Late morning Session (​DynLoads 4​)​
PAPER ​208: ​Comparison of aerodynamic models for 1-cosine gust loads prediction
C. Wales, R.G.Cook, D.P.Jones and A.L.Gaitonde

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