05-07/09/2017 German Aerospace Congress (DLRK2017)

The German Aerospace Congress (Der Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress – DLRK) is organised by the German aerospace society (DGLR) and takes place on an annual basis. It is the only association in Germany to be represented by specialists from all disciplines of the aviation and aerospace industry. The Congress aims to promote scientific and technical exchange with a focus on innovations and new technologies. This year a member of the AeroGust consortium, Dr. Stefan Görtz from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), will present cutting edge research in Reduced Order Modelling for aircraft.


Thu 07 Sep, 09:20 – 09:45 Reduced Order Modelling​: Room MW1250 (C)
Paper 0106: Towards Reduced Order Modelling for Gust Simulations
S. Görtz on behalf of Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)

Abstract: This work gives an overview of the nonlinear reduced order modeling (ROM) approach for unsteady aerodynamics developed by DLR, and its application to gust simulations. Here, physics-based ROMs based on high-fidelity CFD are be used to predict approximate aerodynamic solution, in terms of the pressure distribution, for different gust wave lengths and amplitudes. High-fidelity simulations computed with the DLR’s CFD solver TAU serve as training data to build the ROM and as a reference for the gust responses predictions. Results are presented for an airfoil in transonic flow.