AeroGust Special Session at AIAA Aviation announced

The following papers have been accepted for anĀ AeroGust Special Session at the AIAA Aviation Forum in Atlanta, United States in June:

1. The Future of Non-linear Modelling of Aeroelastic Gust Interaction
Christopher Wales; Robert Cook; Ann Gaitonde; Dorian Jones; Jonathan E. Cooper

2. A Kriging Based Corrected Potential Flow ROM for Gust Load Calculations
Arnaud G. Malan

3. High Fidelity Gust Simulations Over a Supercritical Airfoil
Benoit Tartinville; Virginie Barbieux; Lionel Temmerman

4. Nonlinear Unsteady Reduced Order Models based on Computational Fluid Dynamics for Gust Loads Predictions
Matteo Ripepi; Philipp Bekemeyer; Ralf Heinrich; Stefan Goertz

5. Uncertainty Quantification of Aeroelastic Systems with Structural or Aerodynamic Nonlinearities
Robert G. Cook; Christopher Wales; Ann Gaitonde; Dorian Jones; Jonathan E. Cooper; Benoit Tartinville; Harmen van der Ven

The session will take place at 2pm on Wednesday 27 June and will be chaired by Dorian Jones. More information is available on the AIAA Aviation Forum website.