AeroGust project booklet

The AeroGust Project Booklet provides a detailed summary of the work carried out by each partner over the three years of the project. Each section outlines the background to the research and it’s aims and objectives. This is followed by a summary of the findings along with achievements and conclusions. Dassault Aviation provide an industrial perspective and there is a list of AeroGust publications.

AeroGust Project Booklet contents:

  • Introduction to AeroGust
  • ¬†AeroGust project work packages
  • The AeroGust consortium
  • Variable fidelity methods for gust load predictions and uncertainty quantification: University of Bristol
  • Fast gust simulation using linearised and nonlinear Fourier methods: University of Liverpool
  • A novel reduced order model framework for gust activated aeroelastic modelling: Kriging-corrected potential flow: University of Cape Town
  • High-fidelity CFD-based gust loads predictions: DLR
  • Investigation of predicted nonlinear behaviour of wind turbine blades gust behaviour using incompressible flow model and Octree grids: INRIA and Valeol
  • Gust load encounters for flexible aircraft: NLR
  • From high fidelity to aeroelastic reduced order modelling of gust effects: Numeca
  • High fidelity CFD and hybrid reduced order modelling techniques for gusts: Optimad and INRIA
  • In-service wind turbine data: Valeol
  • Dassault Industrial Perspective: Dassault Aviation
  • Impact
  • AeroGust publications

The project booklet can be downloaded here.